a soundwalk in the streets of Aurora, Turin

What is the sound like in the streets of a neighbourhood? How can you listen to the space?

Aurora Sonora is an invitation to reflect on the perception of sound (and music) in the urban context, looking for a new outlook on the district, the different modes of living a certain place, focusing on listening.

Aurora Sonora is developed through a soundwalk in certain streets and certain places of Aurora in Turin, thanks to geolocated site-specific sound compositions and the app, Echoes. The participants of the walk have the opportunity, thanks to the support of their smartphone, to immerse themselves in the urban context with a hybridization approach between the existing and augmented reality of the streets through a sound narration.

The wandering in a particular place leads you to discover something new: the cities are endless and constantly changing, there may be as impersonal, which is why we often fail to ask the right attention on where we are.

The research work carried out on the territory of three sound artists (George Alloatti, Alessandro Peiretti – Yellows and Fabio Battistetti – Eniac) in defining the places of intervention, allows you to discover streets, squares, never traveled before, or to live in a different light places already known.

Aurora Sonora focuses on listening to increase our ability to appreciate the places.

On Sunday, May 29th, 2016, at 16.00, the route of the walk was presented to the public. 40 people walked and listened to the sound of our district.

To participate the soundwalk in Aurora, you need to take your smartphone and a pair of headphones. The walk is accessible individually: download our map with all the instructions (in italian). 

Curated by: Izabela Smela, Associazione “è” with patronage of Circoscrizione 7
Field recordings and sound compositions: Giorgio Alloatti, Fabio Battistetti, Alessandro Peiretti
Partners: Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori & Audio Hacklab Torino
Graphics: Roberta Boncompagni
fb: Aurora Sonora soundwalk